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Cinestill 400D - new color film

Bjarke Ahlstrand

Public Service Announcement: Cinestill 400D… we get so many requests/questions about the new analog color film: Cinestillfilm 400D. Cinematographers want to know if it’s the @kodak 250 daylight film for motion picture cameras, and 35mm film shooters want to know if it looks like Kodak Portra or Kodak Gold (after all it IS a Kodak film)… 🤓

Cinestill 400D

Scans are coming in now and we have shot 10 rolls ourselves, some at box speed at some pushed 2.5 stops—all professionally developed and scanned. So we have an idea of how it behaves by now 😜 It’s definitely softer than a Portra but not as golden as a Gold—but actually it acts like a bastard offspring between its two most popular cousins. See for yourself—scroll down on this page—🥸

Cinestill 400D - Contax G2

Frame 1 (the negative) shot on a Contax G2. The sprocket holes have no “vision” markings - unlike the other Cinestill films which are basically just Kodak Vision motion picture film. Digitized on a PhaseOne 100mp camera with a very, very sharp Schneider macro lens.

Cinestill 400D - Hasselblad Span

Frame 2 (our Zeiss expert/bookkeeper Jesper) shot on a @hasselblad Xpan. Scanned on a Noritsu HS-1800 scanner. It’s a boring shot, but it shows the color rendition.

Cinestill 400D - Leica M2

Frame 3 (Heilung live in concert, October 2022) shot on Gorm Valentin’s old legendary Leica M2 with the 1st version of the 35mm Summicron lens. Pushed 2.5 stops and scanned on a Pakon F235.

Cinestill 400D - Hasselblad Xpan

Frame 4 (the field) is a boring panoramic Xpan shot but it shows the color rendition under natural light, which is how this film was intended to be shot. Scanned on a Noritsu HS-1800.

Stan shot on Leica M2 and Cinestill 400D

Frame 5 (our repair guy Stan) shot on a Leica M2 with a Zeiss 50mm f2 Planar. Looks pretty nice. Scanned on a Pakon F235 scanner. It looks pretty good!

You are welcome 😇

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