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We're One Of Many Cameras, an alternative camera shop located in central Copenhagen. It’s no secret that we love cameras, lenses, film, digital backs, and the smell of old fixer chemistry, but on Saturdays we add some cool rock music and cold beers to the mix. Perhaps it’s because we consider our customers more like friends of the house, and to some, including our own dedicated crew, One Of Many Cameras is a special little h(e)aven. We seriously believe that photography, and all that comes with it, is more than boxes and technical specications, and we strive to make our little shop stand out from the rest.

We sell and buy new and second hand cameras, we do trades, and repairs. And we also welcome new friends and customers, so do drop by our little shop or drop us a mail or give us a call if there's anything we can do for you. 

Oh yeah––did we forget to mention that we publish books, release records, produce exclusive merchandise, and even brew our own beer by the name of One Of Many Beers :-)

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