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Camera repairs

We offer camera repair services. Our expertise is mostly in regards to analog cameras with mechanical issues. We also service lenses, shutters, do light seal replacements in cameras and film backs, and perform rangefinder adjustments of Leica cameras etc.

ATTENTION: We do not fix electrical components or digital cameras, so we do not repair Contax T2/T3 or G1/G2 cameras, point and shoot cameras like Olympus Mju or compact Ricoh cameras as we simply do not have any spare parts for these.

We have experience with:

Angenieux · Bronica · Canon · Contax · Fuji · Hasselblad · Horseman · Konica
Leica · Linhof · Mamiya · Minolta · Nikon · Noblex · Olympus · Pentax · Plaubel
Rolleiflex · Sinar · Voigtlander · Widelux · Yashica · Zeiss

Please contact us by mail if you have any questions ;-)