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CINE conversion and de-clicking of vintage lenses

We perform CINE conversions of vintage lenses so they can be used on moderne video and film cameras. We have great experience in de-clicking old lenses, exchanging the original lens mount with an EF mount (which can be used on any modern camera from Arri, BlackMagic, Canon, Panasonic, Sony etc.). We also install follow focus rings so that the lens can easily be installed on a rig etc. Our cleaning and lubrication alone will make your old lenses come back to a new life!

We do not offer the big fancy re–housing like companies as TLS, P+S Technik & Zero Optik which often costs 30.000-40.000dkk per lens -- instead our more simple conversions allow any film maker to get his own kit. 

We have great experience converting:

Contax Zeiss (match Super Speeds) 
Hasselblad Zeiss (cover large format)
Leica R (popular classics)
Minolta MD (nice vintage look)
Nikon F (sublime and very fast)
Olympus OM (tiny and portable)
Pentax K (great swirlers)

Watch the fast Minolta, Nikon & Pentax lenses in action on our New Years Greetings filmed in 8K:

Canon FD (match K35) & Mamiya 645 (large format) - currently in the works

Please contact us if you have any questions or drop by the store ;-)