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Fuji 120 Provia 100F 5-pack

Fuji 120 Provia 100F 5-pack

290,00 kr

The modern-day go-to slide film. It has a somewhat neutral favouring of colours, making it an ideal multi-purpose selection for positives.

When fresh, it handles sunny settings and skin very elegantly, although it will feature hard shadows when used in hard sun — like all slide films. Provia is very nice for shooting dull and gray scenes, like an overcast day. It is daylight balanced, so the temperature will be slightly cooler — but in a very tasteful way.

When expired, it can act in a number of ways, depending on storage conditions. It can be hard to know what to expect.

There used to be a faster version; Fuji Provia 400X. When discontinued, Fuji stated that 100F should be able to provide somewhat similar results, when pushed 2 stops.

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